How Long Should a Scarf For Kid Be?

How Long Should a Scarf For Kid Be?

While buying scarfs for kids, there are a number of factors that you should take into account to get the best scarf. Among the key things that you need to consider is the length of the scarf. That is a critical factor that determines how comfortable the kid will feel in it. But how do you ensure that you are getting the right scarf length?

Well, determining the length of the scarf for kid can be a little bit different. That is because kids could be of the same age but differ in size and more so the height. Therefore it can be tricky to gauge the length of the scarf by the age of the kid. However, there is a huge relationship between the age of the kid and the scarf that they can wear. Here are some of the tips of getting the right length:

The Age of Kid

The age of the kid is one of the factors that play a huge role in determining the size and more so the length of the scarf.  However, this may not provide the accurate size of the scarf that you need. But it has been proven that kids below 9 years and below needs relatively scarves. Such kids are said to wear scarves that are about 3 ft. tall or 36 inches long. For the kid older than 9 years, the length of the scarf can go as long as 48 inches. That is the only measure that age can be helpful.

Height of the Kid

One of the widely used measures of the scarf for kid length is the height of the child. One of the rules that have been used for the year is that the scarf should be as long as the kid is tall. In some cases, the rule has been seen to work but has failed in others. The ideal it would, but when the kid is plus size or is obese, the scarf will be small in size. Therefore, this is a rule that works but cannot be relied on 100 percent.

Taking Measurement

The most effective way to determine how long a scarf for a kid should be is taking a measurement. This is an error-free method as long as ensure that you have taken the measurement correctly.  Measure the circumference around the neck and the length to the waist. Note that the loop should go around the neck at least two times.

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