Small Details You Should Look For in Scarves for Toddlers

Small Details You Should Look For in Scarves for Toddlers

While buying scarves for kids, there are various factors that we look for such as the quality of fabric, size and the pattern amongst others. But these features, though important, might not guarantee you the value for the item that you are buying. To make sure that you are getting value for money, there are few key things that you need to look for while buying scarves for toddlers. These are mostly details are mostly hidden and can only be seen when you check the scarf physically. Check out the following details while buying kid’s scarves.

Detaching yarns at the Edge

One of the common defects is detaching yarns at the edges of the scarf. The problem is mostly associated with low-quality scarves where the quality of the product is not thoroughly checked before packaging and shipping. One of the biggest reasons why you should consider such edges is because they are the weak points where the wear down of the scarf will starts. These yarns, if not fixed properly, will continue detaching, and before you know it, a huge of the scarf is already gone. Make sure that you have checked for such problems since they are common.

Holes in the Scarf

Another thing that you also need to check for is the presence of the holes in the scarves for toddlers. Just like detached scarves at the edges of the scarf, the hole has the same effects. A good scarf should have a consistent knitting pattern without any forms of gaps unless it is a design. If you find that there is some inconsistency and more so a hole, you should avoid it. Such scarves have very small lifespans since its years will start coming off with time. Even if it is a small hole, it will be large once a small pressure is applied to it.

Irregular Stretching

Last but not the least thing you should check in scarves for toddlers, and all other types of scarves are irregular stretching. If the scarf is made from the highest grade fabric, the stretching of the material should be the same all over. But you notice that some parts are more rigid than others, then it is an indication that something is missing. The weakness in areas that are stretching more could be a problem that will deny you a chance to enjoy the scarf for longer. You should avoid such scarves.